Understanding Your Driving License

Understanding Your Driving License

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On the rear of every license there are many groups that the holder might be titled they are driving, these are typically clearly marked. You will find groups that your driver is titled they are driving based on age, although others rely on getting effectively passed the appropriate test additionally to being of the certain minimum age.

Certain vehicles could be driven from age 16, although others require driver to become of the minimum chronilogical age of 21 years.

Vehicles which may be driven from age 16:

Scooters as much as 50cc

Mowing Machine or pedestrian controlled vehicle.

Individuals receiving disability allowances in the high rate (mobility component) may drive the next category as from age 16, only under these special conditions. Motor Tricycles, Quads, 3-4 wheel vehicles by having an unladen weight of not exceeding 550KG.

Vehicles which may be driven from age 17:

Motor Tricycles, Quads, 3-4 wheel vehicles by having an unladen weight of not exceeding 550KG

Cars as much as 3.5t, vehicles with a maximum of 8 passenger seats without or with trailer having a maximum weight of 750kg

Just like above however with automatic transmission

Farming tractors

Vehicles which may be driven from age 18:

Vehicles weighing between 3.5t and seven.5t having a trailer weighing a maximum of 750kg

Vehicles which may be driven from age 21:

Just like above however with trailer weighing greater than 750kg having a combined weight as high as 12t.


Small Buses

As from The month of january 19th, you will see a brand new system of groups in addition to minimum ages which is introduced, these can make an application for numerous groups, in addition to revising the minimum age where a driver is titled they are driving certain vehicles, you will find new groups being introduced throughout numerous age ranges for example 16, 17, 18, 21 and 24 year olds. These changes is only going to affect individuals taking or wanting to place their test of driving ability after The month of january 19th 2013, individuals who’re current license holders and also have the entitlement they are driving groups that are being revised, continuously obtain that entitlement and can remain unsusceptible to the current changes happening. These forthcoming changes will affect a large number of groups varying from scooters, motorcycles, vans, Lorries and trucks.

Certain groups which carry age limitations for example 18 or 21 years old, don’t make an application for individuals learning the military by which situation they’re titled to become a driver and go ahead and take relevant test from age 17, this is applicable to vehicles in addition to trailer sizes and weight restriction of trailers.

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