Reduce your Motoring Costs and Buy Used Car Parts

Reduce your Motoring Costs and Buy Used Car Parts

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Who hasn’t been shocked when they see how much a new water pump or radiator costs, yet there is an alternative to buying brand new car parts, which comes in the form of a car breakers yard with used auto parts in Weston-Super-Mare. The components are very carefully checked, cleaned and should any minor repairs be necessary, this would be done before the item is catalogued in the inventory, plus the provider offers a warranty on all used parts.

Wide Range of Components

Cars have crashes, and when a vehicle is no longer repairable, there are always components that can be reused, which would include the following:

  1. Engine peripherals – Water pumps, alternators, power steering and a/c units.
  2. Lights, indicators and other electrical components – Wiper motors, headlight bulbs, horn and interior light fittings.
  3. Shock Absorbers – Running gear, universal joints and drive shafts.
  4. Engines & Gearboxes – If a car has been in an accident and the engine and gearbox are not affected, the unit would be overhauled and resold.
  5. Interior – Seats, dash, upholstery and accessories.Reasonably Priced with Warranty

    When compared to new genuine parts, purchasing a reconditioned item from a car breaker will save you a lot of money, and with a reasonable warranty, you are covered. While it is perfectly understandable why new parts are so expensive, it makes more sense to get extended use from a component that has been recycled.

    Next time you need a part for your car, no matter what it might be, call into your local car breakers yard and you will find exactly what you need at a reduced price.

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