All you Need to Know About the MOT Test

All you Need to Know About the MOT Test

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If you are a car owner in the UK, you are probably aware that every motor vehicle over the age of 3 years must undergo an annual MOT test to determine its roadworthiness. This test can only be carried out by a government approved garage who employ qualified mechanics who have been trained to carry out the test.

Pre-MOT Test

In order to be sure that your car will pass the MOT test, you should have the vehicle inspected a few days prior to the actual MOT test, when a technician will inspect the following:

  • Lights – The lighting test includes checking headlights, rear and brake lights, indicators and hazard warning lights, which should all be working properly.

  • Brakes – The car is put onto a rolling road and the brakes are tested for effectiveness, while the handbrake is also tested for correct tension and functionality.

  • Steering & Suspension – The steering is inspected to ensure there is not excessive play, while shock absorbers are checked for leaks. If you are wondering how much is an MOT in Leeds, search online and your local garage would be happy to furnish you with prices.

  • Windscreen, Wipers & Washers – The windscreen must be free of cracks and chips, plus the wiper blades should be in good condition and the washers work, and don’t forget to make sure that there is water in the washer bottle.

  • Seat Belts – The seat belts must be in good working order (the inertia clip works) and have no tears in the webbing.

  • Bodywork Inspection – The entire body and chassis would be inspected for signs of rust and any sharp edges that might cause injury.

If all of the above are in good order, you can book your car in for the MOT test, confident that the car will pass.




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